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What We Can Do For You

Body Repatriation Service from the UK to any destination worldwide available 24 Hours a Day

Body Repatriation Costs

Body Repatriation Service from the UK for £3,495

We provide a Body Repatriation Service for a fixed price of £3,495.00 which covers all of the necessary products and services we provide as your Funeral Directors to take care of your loved ones Repatriation, including collection of their body, embalming, a Coffin, viewing, paperwork and conveyance to the airport.

We also offer a range of optional services and products to further enhance your loved ones Repatriation, such as upgraded Coffins and Caskets, a Memorial / Church Service, Hearses and Limousines and baggage shipments.

In addition to our fees are the flight costs for the deceased. These costs vary depending on the destination but generally cost around £1,000.00, but can be as little as £500.00.

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