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We offer a wide range of Coffins and Caskets, all suitable for International Repatriation. See our Full Brochure.

Standard Coffin for Repatriation provided by Slaters International

As standard, Slaters International provide the 'Cambridge' Coffin, fitted with six brass style handles, wreath holders and an engraved name plate, fully lined with Zinc to form the necessary hermetic seal for Repatriation. This Coffin is suitable for Burial, and also Cremation if the Zinc Lining is removed so there will be no need to buy a replacement Coffin abroad.

Slaters International also offer a wide range of alternative Coffins and Caskets to suit the varying requirements of their clients.

Full Range of Coffins & Caskets in Slaters International Brochure

Slaters International offer a full range of Coffins and Caskets for Repatriation, ranging from traditional British wooden Coffins to European Style Solid Wood Coffins and American Style Wooden and Metal Caskets.

Download Coffin & Casket BrochureDownload Full Price List