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Slaters International offer a wide selection of Coffins and Caskets suitable for International Repatriation of the deceased

Hermetically Sealed Coffins and Caskets for Repatriation of the Deceased

Slaters International offer a range of Hermetically Sealed Coffins and Caskets suitable for repatriation of the deceased from the UK to anywhere in the world. All Coffins and Caskets supplied are suitable for both Burial or Cremation.

The Cambridge Coffin

Included as Standard

The Hastings Coffin

Additional £95.00

The Stratford Coffin

Additional £125.00

The Keswick Coffin

Additional £250.00

The Exeter Coffin

additional £300.00

The Vatican Coffin

additional £1,500.00

The Last Supper Coffin

additional £1,500.00

The Provincial Casket

additional £1,700.00

The Purity Casket

additional £1,700.00

The Corpus Christi Casket

additional £1,700.00

The Tea rose Casket

additional £1,700.00

The Centurian Casket

additional £1,700.00

The Roman Gold Casket

additional £1,800.00

The Platinum Royal Casket

additional £1,900.00

The Duchess Casket

additional £1,700.00

The Devotion Casket

additional £1,700.00