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What We Can Do For You

Slaters International Funeral Directors offer a Direct Cremation Service and a Cremated Remains Repatriation Service

Direct Cremation £1,200.00 (All-Inclusive)

Direct Cremation is the most basic and simple cremation service. There is no service held, no mourners in attendance, no procession, simply a cremation only service and a scattering or return of the ashes.

Available to clients nationwide.

What's included in our Direct Cremation Service?

Collection of the deceased from anywhere in England or Wales
Supply of a Basic Cremation Coffin
Completion of legal documentation
Conveyance of Coffin to Crematorium for Cremation ONly
Scattering or Collection of the Ashes
Cremation & Doctors Fees included

Repatriation of Cremated Remains worldwide

We can repatriate ashes / cremated remains to any destination worldwide. Our Service includes completion of all of the necessary paperwork, obtaining permits from embassies / consulates and providing a suitable hermetically sealed container for shipment. Contact us for a no obligation quotation.