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International Funeral Directors specialising in
Body Repatriation, Burials & Cremations

Slaters International Funeral Directors

At Slaters International Funeral Directors, we specialise in Body Repatriation from the UK to Overseas Destinations Worldwide as well as arranging bespoke Burials & Cremations in the UK.

We have Funeral Homes situated in London and Birmingham, offering our services to clients across the whole of the UK as well as clients located across the globe. You can Contact Us anytime day or night by calling our 24 Hour Helpline 0208 560 4984.

Whether you wish to arrange for your loved ones body to be Repatriated from the UK to their homeland, or for your loved one to be Cremated then their Ashes to be Repatriated to their Homeland, or arrange a Burial or Cremation in the UK, we are here to help you. We can provide you with a fully comprehensive quotation based on the individual services and products you require.

Why Choose Slaters International?

With a myriad of choices available for Funeral Directors in London and Funeral Directors in Birmingham, why should you entrust your loved ones Repatriation or Funeral Arrangements to Slaters International Funeral Directors?

Why Choose slaters?