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Kind words of appreciation for the services provided by
Slaters International Funeral Directors

Testimonials for Slaters International

We are extremely proud of the quality of service we provide. Many of our clients leave online reviews to help families facing bereavement choose the right Funeral Director in their time of need.

Review from a Repatriation to Nepal

My friend recommended your company so I used your service and I would like to say the following. Recommendation: 10/10 (I have no doubt to say, it was an excellence service and we will use your service in future. Thank you.

Review from a Repatriation to Zambia

My wife recently passed recently in July 2018, so we engaged the services of Slaters International Funeral Directors to repatriate her body to Zambia. I must admit, the manner in which staff at Slaters handled the whole process was highly professional. We conducted a memorial service in Bradford and required my wife's body to be brought to church on time.

Slaters did everything spot on; were on time, smart, empathetic and very patient. You really exceeded our expectations and my entire family is satisfied with your services, and you did us proud. I would recommend anyone in a similar situation not to look elsewhere but Slaters. My family wishes to express sincere thanks, particularly, to Edward.

Review from a Repatriation to Romania

It was a great shock to us when my Mother’s Brother passed away, knowing that he was ok a couple of months ago. He did not have anybody in UK, but us from Romania to be next to. That morning when we received the news, we were stressed out, how we would manage to organise a funeral and bring him back home, to have the funeral here in Romania.

Our friends were telling us that it will be up to 2-3 weeks for us to arrange a procedure like this. Quick research on the internet suggested that Slaters International would be a good choice and we are so glad that we made the call to them. We got an answer to our call at 6.00am and they handled the arrangements with great compassion and professionalism and acted very efficiently to ensure the funeral could take place within 3 days as we wished. He made it all very easy and was always available to take all the requests from us.

We always spoke to him via phone and WhatsApp and we appreciated that very personal touch. The pricing was completely transparent as promised on the website and there was no hint of any sales pressure. They took care of everything, embassy papers, flight, Delivery of the Coffin to the airport.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Slaters International to anyone who has recently lost a dearly loved relative and want to repatriate them.

Review from a Repatriation to Grenada

Dear Edward, I am profoundly grateful and moved by the dignified and professional way that you and your colleagues looked after Fabian, me and my family yesterday. You oversaw the stages of the day in a way that calmed, supported and reassured me and ensured that our Memorial Service was unfailingly praised by all who attended. Thank you.

Review from a Repatriation to Bulgaria

Dear Edward & Slaters International, I appreciate every single thing you have done to be there for me after the loss of my only one brother. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for your support and hard work during this difficult time. You have made an awful time in my life more bearable.

For me everything was impossible but you made my brother last wish possible to be back in his country - Bulgaria. I truly appreciate what a wonderful company and friend I have in you.

Review from a Repatriation to Italy

Hi Edward, just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your assistance in the funeral arrangements for our nan and the repatriation of her back to Sicily. From the moment we spoke you have been incredibly helpful and professional and we have been most pleased throughout.

Review from a Repatriation to Nigeria

Slaters International were highly professional during the repatriation of my cousin from the UK to Nigeria despite severe delays we had experienced from the Coroner. The Managing Director Edward was very understanding and most importantly he knew what to do at every setback.

I was drawn to using their service because on my first call and discussion with Edward, he was very open and gave me all the options that I could use with Repatriation to Lagos or Enugu and what was involved. I was impressed with his in depth knowledge of the destinations and the continued service afterwards. I found them highly reliable.

Review from a Repatriation to Mauritius

Hi Edward, just wanted to say thank you for everything and for being patient with all our queries. Thank you for making it all happen for us. Lots of love and blessings from all family and friends.

Review from a Repatriation to Afghanistan

I cannot praise Slaters International enough for their services. We had a sudden and unexpected death in the family and needed to repatriate the body to Afghanistan. Edward was professional, compassionate and eager to resolve issues at every hurdle. I am amazed at their knowledge of the Islamic burial procedure and their eagerness and ability to abide by it to ensure they provide the service we required.

Slaters excelled where other providers failed. The entire process was made easier by the fact that Edward was always on call to ensure everything was going to plan and to answer any questions. Once again, a big thank you from us for everything you did for my cousin in ensuring he was put to rest. Your kindness and compassion will not be forgotten.

Review from a Repatriation to France

I recently used the services of Slaters International Funeral Directors to help repatriate my husband to the Lyon region of France.They organised the entire process in the U.K. efficiently from the time I entrusted them with the task to delivery of the coffin to the airport. I was told exactly what was expected from me by the authorities and the price quoted was exactly what I was charged.

My correspondent in France was provided with the necessary documents for collection at the airport and the funeral took place without any problem. I would definitely recommend their service.

Review from a Funeral held in London

Earlier this year I contacted Edward regarding a repatriation to India but we ended up changing our minds and decided to hold the funeral here in London instead. Edward graciously accommodated us despite the fact that he normally doesn’t do funerals in London. I should mention that like other British Indians we could have gone with any number of “safe and reputable” Indian funeral directors in the North London area especially given the fact that we required a quite specific Hindu service and cremation. However, right from the get-go Edward impressed us with his accurate and detailed knowledge of which airline carriers operate between London and our preferred airport (for our initial query regarding repatriation to India).

He also displayed a keen interest and respect for the customs/traditions that Hindus observe. This, coupled with his ability to immediately make us feel at ease during what was an extremely upsetting and stressful time is really what swayed us to choose Edward as our funeral director. Edward is incredibly hard working, unfailingly dependable and could teach others a thing or two about customer service. Slaters’ competitive advantage in a crowded market is Edward himself! We wholeheartedly recommend Slaters International Funeral Directors for any repatriation or funeral needs - I promise you won’t be sorry!

Review from a Repatriation to Sierra Leone

We recently used Slaters UK repatriation service for our deceased loved one and their service was first rate. I highly recommend Edward and his team. They were very considerate and professional. No question was ever too much and they accommodated all our requests patiently from the start of the process till the end. They even part helped with making the memorial service we held in London go smoothly with the transportation service to the church before our loved one was repatriated. I just want to say a big thank you to Slaters in helping us make a very emotional time run smoothly in sending our loved one back and for providing such a caring and trustworthy service.

Review from a Repatriation to Nigeria

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you and to your associates at Slaters. It is not often that I reach out of my own volition to offer to write on a company’s behalf. The extraordinary service my family received during the repatriation arrangement of our mum, deserves to be heard.  I contacted you simply by looking online and frankly, it was talking to you that actually clinched my opinion.  First, it was your genuine compassion and acknowledgement of her passing and secondly your knowledge of the terrain/ system in Nigeria. Finally, when you introduced your Nigerian partner and we created a WhatsApp platform to communicate, you were both very easily available responding to questions even after hours.  

After my mothers’ passing, the Covid 19 virus hit and while we were still waiting for directions, you suggested we repatriate her quickly before the borders closed. The borders closed 48 hours after her departure to Nigeria. Your reading of the events was quite remarkable.  Having a corresponding system on ground in Lagos made the whole event so seamless. Now what you did not realize was that my family sought a good place for my mother to await her final resting place and we had commissioned our older sister to scout your facility. She was completely overwhelmed by the grounds and professional layout. Honestly, we were very impressed.  

The virus delayed my mother’s funeral by several months and we were concerned for the extra fees we would be charged for keeping her in your facility. For you to forgive and bare the full cost of delay on our behalf was completely unexpected. Who does that? Who puts compassion over profit? As the delays continued, we constantly received text messages from the funeral parlour reassuring us of our mother’s body state which was very reassuring.  This you did without any prompting.  

Edward and Bunmi and Anu (in Nigeria), words cannot fully express how we as a family have had our faith restored in the kindness you showed us. We are blown over with gratitude.  May the Lord bless you all and your families and your business.