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We offer Fully Comprehensive Body Repatriation Services from abroad back to the UK

Body Repatriation from abroad back to the UK

If someone has died abroad and you would like to arrange for their body to be repatriated back to the UK, we are here to help you. We have a network of trusted agents across the globe who will take care of the necessary arrangements on the ground, arranging to repatriate the deceased back to the UK.

Repatriation back to the UK - Our Service

We take care of the whole process abroad, and also upon arrival in the UK. See below a breakdown of the service we provide.

  • Collection of the deceased

  • Full Embalming

  • Supply of a Repatriation Coffin

  • Completion of necessary legal documents

  • Arranging flight back to UK

  • Conveyance of Coffin to airport of departure

  • Airfreight back to UK

  • Customs and Clearance at UK Port

  • Collection of Coffin from UK Airport

  • Conveyance of Coffin to Funeral Director of your choice in UK

  • Total Cost: from £3,600.00

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As costs vary depending on the country of death, contact us for a bespoke quotation. You can call us anytime on 0208 560 4984 or click the link below and complete the request form.

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